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ATCS Monitor Main Data Display

Data Display


ATCS Monitor Dispatcher Display

Dispatcher Display


ATCS Monitor MCP Data Plot

MCP Data Plot

This plot of CP Aliso above indicates:
Both switches at the CP remained in their normal positions.
At 14:38, a right-clear for track 2 was issued (2RGK), followed shortly by a left-clear for track 1 (1LGK).
At 14:50, track 2 right approach occupancy is seen (2RAK).
At 14:55, the train has entered the crossover interlocking (2TK). The dispatcher display above was captured at this point.
Shortly thereafter, the train enters the track 2 left-approach blocks (2LAK), and right-approach occupancy (2RAK) and interlocking occupancy (2TK) disappear.