ATCS Frequencies
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The ATCS radio network consists of the following pairs of UHF channels:

Channel MCP (MHz) BCP (MHz) Predominant User
1 896.8875 935.8875 Union Pacific
2 896.9375 935.9375 CSX
3 896.9875 935.9875 Shared ATCS Network
4 897.8875 936.8875 BNSF
5 897.9375 936.9375 Norfolk Southern
6 897.9875 936.9875 Southern Pacific

ATCS frequencies are typically registered to the Association of American Railroads or Transportation Technology Center, not the individual railroads themselves, so use those names in Percon or FCC database searches to determine if there are any transmitters in your area. Alternatively, simply search for any one of the MCP or BCP frequencies, since apparently all MCP's are registered for all MCP frequencies, and all BCP's are registered for all BCP frequencies.

To receive both sides of the "conversation", program your radio to rapidly alternate between the frequencies of a channel. On some radios, maximum speed may be obtained by programming an entire bank with alternating values. Also be sure to disable the "delay" feature.