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ATCS Monitor Installation Requirements

Link Description
Windows Installer (9,x, ME) Windows Installer (NT, 2000) ATCS Monitor versions 2.8.5 and above are distributed in Microsoft Installer format, requiring a one-time installation of Windows Installer on Windows 9.x, ME, and NT systems.  Additional information on Windows Installer is available here.
MDAC Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) version 2.5 or later is required for ATCS Monitor versions 2.3.0 and above. Read the MDAC installation notes carefully to determine the correct version for your system.  The Windows Installer will refuse to install ATCS Monitor unless an appropriate version of MDAC is detected.
Jet 4.0 Engine If you have installed MDAC 2.6 or above, install the appropriate version of the Microsoft Jet 4.0 Engine for your system.  (MDAC 2.5 includes Jet 4.0, but later versions do not.)  If you receive a 3706 error when data is received by ATCS Monitor, then the Jet 4.0 Engine is missing or incorrectly installed.
ATCS Monitor.msi Current full release of ATCS Monitor in Windows Installer format.  Simply download the file to any directory and click on it (or run it in-place) - if the installation does not commence, Windows Installer itself is missing or incorrectly installed.  To upgrade with this file, export any MCP information you wish to save, remove your previous version via the control panel, perform a new install, and re-import your MCP data. Current ATCSMon.exe, atcsdata.dll, grahplite.ocx, scrwin.ocx, nbfir.dll and atcsmon.ini only.  Extract these files into a working ATCS Monitor installation directory to effect an update without performing a full install.  

Note:  It may be necessary to manually register the .ocx files via RegSvr32 before running the program if you elect to update an existing installation, if a run-time error 339 occurs.  This may be accomplished by starting an MS-DOS command window, changing to your installation directory, and typing "regsvr32 filename.ocx".  It may be necessary to specify the full path to regsvr32  on some systems.