ATCS Monitor Credits
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This program is an adaptation of the popular application authored by MDT^Mon, a superbly-written commercial-quality program designed to monitor a distinctly different protocol. Without his generous contribution of Visual Basic and C++ source code, I never would have been able to produce this variant.
The code used to translate the bit stream from the discriminator audio into ASCII data was taken from the program mdtw1234.exe, written by Bonzo.
The device driver that makes support for HamComm-type data slicers possible was written and provided by beepman.
Thanks to Tom Levine, author of Train Dispatcher 3 and Track Builder 3 for providing Track Builder 3 support.
Thanks to Vincent Reh, author of Railroad Radio for all his efforts in authoring and publishing the recent article in Scanning USA and others to come.
...and thanks to Gary, Larry Gabriel, Doug Nipper, and the other testers for all their help in the debugging of ATCS Monitor.